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We help industry and property owners finance energy efficiency improvements

fördelar med energieffektiviseringar multiple benefits

Why energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency investments not only saves money in the long run through reduced electricity or other energy bills. There is a whole range of positive effects associate with energy efficiency investments popularly referred to as “multiple benefits”. To the left is a summary of the most important benefits, compiled by the International Energy Agency, IEA.

For companies and housing associations, some of the most important benefits include increased property value, reduced dependence on energy prices as price fluctuations have a smaller impact and increased energy safety and security of supply, as many electricity grids are reaching maximum capacity.

Better indoor environment through improved lighting and air quality is another benefit, creating healthier (and nicer) living and working conditions. For employers, improved health and happier employees can boost employee productivity and save the firm from future spending on sick leave and productivity losses. 

Last but not least, energy efficiency has been named the “first fuel” of the energy transition towards a carbon neutral society. The only thing better than clean energy is not producing it in the first place.

How GREN can help you

For you as an energy efficiency company

We listen to your needs as entrepreneurs, and make sure to guide you through both planning and implementation for our financing solutions. We can both offer standard solutions and tailor a solution just for you and your customers. We are also official partners of Swedish the energy efficiency company network so this will be a win-win!

For you as a property owner

We can, together with our partners, help you end-to-end, so that you save money and energy as cost-effectively as possible. We can also help you procure a reliable supplier. We only work with certified energy efficiency companies.

Independent contract review

We align our incentives with you. An added benefit from this is you will get a second pair of eyes on your contracts. We want the same thing you do - maximized savings - and will scrutinize the details to keep projects on time and in line with budget.

Reduced costs from day 1

We share the savings with you, allowing you to have a monthly cost lower than your previous energy bill. This aligns our incentives - maximum energy savings at minimum costs.
You can spend your full investment budget on your core business - and watch that budget grow year by year.

Pay only when it's done

We are in this for the environment. That means only finished and functional measures are of interest to us. This is good new for you, as we promise you to deliver the project before we ask for our share of the savings.

A plan for the future

We want all our customers to know who to call. We can help you put an operations and maintenance plan in place. Moreover, we will make sure to clarify who is responsible for technical guarantees and that if anything would ever happen, you have a number to call for help.

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Energy efficiency companies

Does your company want to offer your customers financing solutions and contribute to a better climate?

Property owner

Do you want to reduce operating costs and contribute to a better climate?
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