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About GREN

Save energy, save time, save the planet

We strive to be redundant

The team at GREN strive to make our business concept redundant. That all smart ideas on how to save energy are realized. That no investments that are both good for the environment and cost-effective are postponed into the future. That we have maximum energy efficiency in Europe.

But we know that is not the case today. And we understand that. Who wants to invest in an air heat exchanger if the alternative is to develop a new prototype? That is why we started GREN – to make it easy to invest sustainably! Because we are passionate about a greener world. Because we believe that if it is easy to make the right choice, then that is what people will opt for. And because we don’t have time to wait.

So if after a meeting with us you want to implement the measures we have identified on your own, we are glad to have been your catalyst! But if you do not have the resources, time or will to do it yourself – let us help you save money. And help us make the world a little greener.

Green Energy Network
GREN Green Energy Network

A partnership for truly sustainable business

We believe in creating common goals. And that things will be best if we align our incentives. Therefore, our business model is based on everyone gaining from saving as much energy as possible. By sharing the savings, we have the same interest as our customers – to maximize energy efficiency