Save money, save energy, save the planet

Green Energy Network reduces costs for industries and housing associations through implementing energy efficiency measures and sharing the savings. We take you from idea to finished project. Once everything is in place, we pay the bill and then share the savings with you. This way, we both save money, save energy and save the planet.

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Our idea

Truly sustainable business

GREN finances energy efficiency improvements and shares the savings with the companies we help. We see it as a partnership, because we need to believe in our customers in the long term. The more our customers save, the more we save. And the more we help the climate. An investment everyone benefits from. We think this is a good business model

Reduced energy costs
Cut emissions
Increased property value


Independent experts

By bringing in unique experts for your particular project, we can guarantee that we work with experts in exactly the area you need help with - every time.


Everyone at GREN has a strong social commitment and previous experience of non-profit work.

A part of something bigger

GREN reinvests profits in new projects. This allows us to create a ripple-effect through a larger network.

Green Energy Network
GREN Green Energy Network

Become a part of our network

We believe that together we can bring out the best in each other. Therefore, we reinvest our profits in new projects.